Thank God For Home

by American poet Grace Noll Crowell
Oct 1877- Mar 1969

I cannot thank Thee, God, enough
For this small plot of ground, this roof,
These lifted walls that close me in
And hold me tenderly; this proof
Of Thy kind care for my great need
Of shelter and of daily bread;
But, oh, there are no written words,
There are no words that have been said
That could express my gratitude
For the companionship of love
That shares my simple fare—dear God,
A gift I would be worthy of!
And I would thank Thee for the tasks;
A fire to tend, a loaf to bake,
A floor to sweep, a seam to sew,
A clean, white-sheeted bed to make,
A lamp to light at evening time—
I thank Thee, God, for all of these:
For home, my home—for every home—
I thank Thee, God, upon my knees.

From her book, LIGHT OF THE YEARS
I see that Amazon lists a number of her poetry books.

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