Quick Trip

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning: DRIVEN

If all goes as planned, today I will be driven to Moose Jaw by my chauffeur-ish husband — in fact we expect to leave in fifteen minutes, so this will be a quick post. And a quick trip, as we expect to leave there after supper and get home this evening. This is a 2 1/2 hour trip one way and we pass through the beautiful Qu’Appelle Valley — one of Saskatchewan’s scenic beauties on the otherwise very flat prairie highway.

I’ve uploaded three boxes of jigsaw puzzles to take along and offload on a family member, who is saving some for me. Hopefully I won’t overload her — but like most puzzlers, she has friends and relatives who’ll gladly accept used ones. She and I do a puzzle exchange about once a year.

Our cat seems driven at this moment to go outside and check if there are enemies lurking. He’s yowling around my feet here, wondering why I’m ignoring him. However, leaving him outside to scrap with all comers might well be a disaster.

An interesting word I’ve come across recently in an old British novel, is the verb HAVER. According to Lexico, means to equivocate, vacillate (waver) and “Havers!” means “Nonsense, poppycock!” I don’t know if this expression is still in current use over there, but new to me. Are you familiar with this word?

5 thoughts on “Quick Trip

  1. I used to do puzzles all the time and back then I glued them all. I figured I would hang them in my classroom. I never did and I don’t even know what happened to them all. Finally, I started taking them apart, taping the boxes and giving them away. Nothing is worse than a puzzle with a missing piece so I am super OCD about it. I got to the point I could do a 1000 piece puzzle in just a few hours. I have a bunch in my closet but just need the time and space to start a new one. I saw one yesterday at Five Below of all the Peanuts characters, but I don’t need another one. Once, very long ago, I bought one of the Picture Mosaic Puzzles. It was of Mickey Mouse and my first mosaic. There were 3 missing pieces and I did NOT lose them. I ended up contacting the manufacturer and getting my money back. But that sucked.


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