A Stitch In Time

Random musings today, which can be my response to the Ragtag Daily Prompt word, MEANDER

A Stitch In Time

Deciding to head for the park where I could meander awhile, I slipped my car key into my jacket pocket and…

Clunk. My key landed on the floor.

I stuck my hand in my pocket and discovered that small hole I’d intended to repair, was now a bigger hole. Big enough for my car key to fall through. Yes, I’d noticed those few missing stitches and vowed – can it be several months ago now? – that I’d fix that hole very soon. But somehow…

I recall that old grandmas’ saying, “A stitch in time saves nine.” For centuries untold moms and grandmas passed on this kind of practical wisdom to make life a bit easier for their offspring. Fix the hole while it’s small and it won’t tear even more. You won’t have look for things that fall out of pockets, darn bigger holes, or put huge patches on knees. Throw out easily repaired clothing and your budget will develop holes!

For whatever reason, we live in a day when passing on the old wisdom is not popular. Discouraged even. Every person should be allowed to find their own way, to eventually discover the same truths that parents and grandparents used to share. Like me with the hole in my pocket.

When I was young my Aunt/Mom worked out and my various babysitters didn’t bother to teach me any practical skills or even basic common sense. They had nothing invested in my upbringing and Mom didn’t have time or energy after work. So I’ve learned a lot myself through trial and error, but I’m passing on some of this to my own grand-daughters.

I’m seeing that attitudes are shifting and passing on life’s truths will come back into style. Young people, they say, are overwhelmed and actually craving guidance from the old folks who’ve experienced and learned these lessons.

As another wise saying goes, “Learn from the mistakes of others. You won’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”

The Extraction

Hello everyone. Or as watercolour artist Paul Clark says, “Good morning afternoon or evening wherever you are.” Thanks for dropping by and reading this post.

There’s a feeling of autumn-to-come in the air this morning, a cool breeze. I think it’s supposed to get fairly warm though, so I watered all my flower pots. I didn’t stay up and watch for streaks from the meteor shower we were supposed to be able to see last night. Did any of you see the falling stars?

This is Day Three of my new Regime, my Abstemious Diet lifestyle. I’ve had my first couple of sips of coffee and suddenly remember: blood test first! Best set the coffee aside until that’s done because I DO NOT drink black coffee.

I had a doctor’s appointment on Friday to find out the results of my fasting blood sugar test. When he walked into the exam room I asked him, “Are you going to behead my sweet tooth?” And he said, “I have my axe in my pocket.” EEK!

I thought of telling him, “Then you sure better not sit on it!” but I decided I’d best not push be too humorous about this. He pulled up the test results on his computer file, read off the numbers, then proceeded to give me the bad new: “Blood sugar counts are too high. No, you’re not just borderline; you ARE diabetic.”

I can’t say I was surprised, but still it’s rather stunning. Feels like the Road of Life just took a 90-degree turn.

It’s not a serious case, rather just into the diabetic range. He gave me pills and told me I’d need to monitor my blood regularly, so I now have one of those dreadful little springers, or stingers, with which I must test a drop of blood first thing in the morning and at night before bed. He also prescribed a simple Abstemious Diet: “If it’s something you really like, don’t eat it.” I got the picture.

Image: Brenda Godinez – Unsplash
Image: Pexels – Pixabay

And now I’d best go do what I must. It’ll take me awhile to remember and get the technique down pat. I had to poke my finger three times last night before I got a usable blood sample. 😦

Haiku Views 3

contract deadline
novelist pens her tale
around the block

walkway tiles
heaved by frost
custody battle

evening picnic
happy mosquitoes
coming to dine

day at the fair
cotton candy drum spinning
threads of memory
Image: Open Clipart Vectors — Pixabay

Sweet Tooth Ache

Image: Mae Mu — Unsplash
doctor visit
he drills on my
sweet tooth

Last week I had a fasting blood sugar test. After my doctor saw the results his receptionist called. “The doctor wants to see you to discuss your test. We can book you in next week.”

Today’s the day. In two hours I’ll see the doctor and he’ll tell me the first test was just a minor blip, but this last one shows my blood sugar is perfectly fine. My sweet tooth is throbbing in delighted anticipation.

Ha ha ha. 😉