Soon, Soon!

Happy MARCH 1st, Everyone!

In March

The sun falls warm: the southern winds awake:
The air seethes upwards with a steamy shiver:
Each dip of the road is now a crystal lake,
And every rut a little dancing river.
Through great soft clouds that sunder overhead
The deep sky breaks as pearly blue as summer:
Out of a cleft beside the river's bed
Flaps the black crow, the first demure newcomer.
The last seared drifts are eating fast away
With glassy tinkle into glittering laces:
Dogs lie asleep, and little children play
With tops and marbles in the sun-bare places;
And I that stroll with many a thoughtful pause
Almost forget that winter ever was.

Archibald Lampman

Not here, not yet. But soon! Soon!

Lurking in the Woods

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is BUGBEAR and I’ve done two versions in response.

The bugbear in the darkness
the wolf in the wood...
dark tales in the gloaming
were told for children’s good.

A way to keep adventurers
behaving like they should
in their beds at decent hours
respecting parenthood.

They stultified the curious
these bogeys that consume
snooping children in the dark,
wanderers in the gloom.

Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day this morning is STULTIFY

Image: Melani Marfield — Pixabay

Lemon Trees Love Sunshine

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is RADIATE

One day last week I observed an unusual phenomenon: a complete halo around the sun. We were driving into the city and it was on my side of the car, so I got a good look at the glow radiating from the circle. Here on the prairies when the weather turns colder it’s not unusual to see sun dogs, but rarely a full circle, and such a large one as this was.

When I hear “RADIATE” the first image that comes to mind is sunshine. What a blessing the sun is to our world! Vital to life and a restorative to mind and soul. Yes, it’s dry here in SK, but I’m so glad to live in a land that gets so much sunshine.

Here’s a poem I wrote long ago that I hope you’ll enjoy while I (hopefully!) finish off my WIP today.

Lemon Trees Love Sunshine

They lift their branches in praise of its light;
leaves imbibe its goodness through every pore
trunks rise to toast themselves in its glow
roots extend their toes in its ground-warmth.
When storms unfurl cloudbanks between,
it shoots them through with silver mercies
infuses each droplet with benevolence,
brimful cup of blessing for beloved trees.
Roots with grateful thanks absorb ambrosia
trunks convey nutrition to every stem
leaves dance to pitter-patters of praise
branches flexed by wind grow stronger.
The trees confer among their members
and in due season they bring forth
love-offerings to their celestial benefactor,
miniature reflections of its golden self.

Christine Goodnough Feb 2011