Universe in Verse

The Ragtime Daily Prompt this morning is UNIVERSE
and I’m cheating. I went through my Dropbox and found a haiku verse I’ve written but never posted.

Image by Henryk Niestraj — Pixabay

January night
a starless universe
oppresses the earth

Then I found some verses I did post back in 2018. I’ve edited them so today I present the abridged version:


onion on cutting board
white flesh exposed, waiting
dissection at noon
my surgical imprecision

cheese slice slithers
on mayo, topped with lettuce.
the Orange and the Green —
a battle on my bun

meat comes next — salami —
by appointment to HRH!
Does the Queen eat salami?
I chew on the thought

biting my sandwich
I ponder the complexity
of our vast universe
as time stops for lunch.

Image by Rene Lehmkuhl — Pixabay

Poetic Petits Fours

According to Lexico, a petit four is a very small fancy cake, biscuit, or sweet, typically made with marzipan and served after a meal. Merriam-Webster defines it as a small cake cut from pound or sponge cake and frosted. The name has come to us from the French “little oven.”

Image by Pexels — Pixabay

I have a lot of little verses scribbled and saved to post someday, and this dull and cloudy day might be perfect to share them.

Alfresco Dining

sparrows join me
breaking bread together
alfresco dining

visits the school ballgame
pinch-hitting MC

cluster of red berries
a someday forest
in my hand