A New Carpet

The Ragtag Daily Prompt today is CARPET

Autumn scenes will soon be upon us, so I’ll try to illustrate a common scene with this one-line haiku:
golden carpet of leaves floats past the duck’s nest reuphostered

Have you ever stood beside an autumn stream and wished you could be a dragonfly sitting on a golden leaf, going on an adventure to places unknown. Just going with the flow and discovering where all those leaves actually go?
In a month our lawn will be carpeted, too, and we’ll need to get out the rakes. And then there’s this lovely carpet which I wouldn’t mind to have on my living room floor. (If only it were blue. This color would clash big time!) The image is by hjplankenhorn, found at Pixabay

Prompt Combo

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning was VANQUISH

sun’s golden spears
vanquish moon and stars
triumphant new day

And here’s a haiku I wrote a month ago, after visiting our church’s parking lot. Call it a post- COVID verse:

once vanquished
poplar sprouts take back the land
no parking these days

The Saturday Six-Word Story Prompt was PEACE


So here’s a response that incorporates both:

Aggravating fly vanquished
e restored. Momentarily.


Good morning everyone. Fandango’s one-word challenge this morning is DESPONDENT and here’s my response.

I was working out a haiku in my mind earlier, and I think it will fit well with this prompt, since I tend to get despondent when I think too long about all the things I might have accomplished if I’d been more disciplined and decisive.
Putting things off may be the easiest way at the moment, but I’ve learned that you do have to “pay the piper” farther down the road.

what my life might have been
had I only…

Life’s mini dillemas:

Birds argue.sujufotos
Image by sujufotos —  Pixabay