Haiku in Dialogue

Good morning everyone.

I shall leave complex issues, such as I wrote about yesterday, and rather write about some quick glimpses of life. I’m happy to see one of my haiku was chosen for inclusion amongst the many others at Haiku Dialogue this week — and also last week. This week’s topic was : a simple dwelling place. Last week’s topic was a simple daily task. If haiku interests you, you should check out these posts. It’s amazing how clever some folks are at putting these concepts into haiku verses.

My last week’s verse was:
another pill
the old clock

This week’s verse, a monoku:
fixing up the old house laughs again

The latest issue of Heron’s Nest just came out. I stand in awe of poets who can come up with modern haiku that twists, or entwines, two ideas together so ingeniously. To give you an idea, I’m restating the concept from one verse. The original was much better but I dare not violate copyrights. 🙂
my multicultural
dinner plate

Sometimes my mind has to work to make the leap and get the connection. 🙂 Here’s one of mine that stems from reading the news a few months back:

purging fires
burning banned books
warms a nation

Haiku Weathers

As I said in yesterday’s post, winter has returned to our land. It snowed all day yesterday and is still snowing. I had to scrape away a strip of the fluffy white blanket this morning so I could scatter birdseed on the driveway. The sparrows were getting desperate; a number of them were perched on the front doorstep waiting when I opened the door.

It’s Day 20 of National Poetry Month, so I’ll offer these adverse-weather haiku verses:

snow in April
digging out winter boots
depression moves in

pelt the picnickers
bipolar weather

snow-laden cloud
blots out the sun
the doctor says MS

This last verse has a history. A friend’s son was diagnosed with MS not long after he married. They’ve tried different treatments that helped some, but he’s gotten progressively worse. They’ve managed to keep going, with his wife becoming the breadwinner and his main caregiver. Their children are teens now and no doubt they help as they can. Sadly, recently she received the same diagnosis. My heart goes out to them. A dark storm cloud indeed!

WW Haiku Day!

As well as April being National Poetry Month, I just read on the blog of The Haiku Foundation that today is International Haiku Poetry Day. Suits me!

Image: Kateryna H — Pixabay
spring blossoms
those early years
getting to know you

blackbirds weave
back and forth across the road
my ADD kicks in
banners of war
dandelions muster
on our lawn
sparrow hawk
tiny feathers in its beak
debt collector calls