An Old-Timer Speaks

For today’s tribute to National Poetry Month, I’m going to publish a verse by that multi-faceted poet, writer of umpteen dozen verses, Author Unknown. Born in the year 001, last I heard he — or she? — is still alive and kicking. Perhaps I should say THEY are,  just in case it’s a couple?

However, I’ve heard that the coming of Google Search — an invasive species if ever there was one! — is threatening the existence of the whole clan of Unknowns.

An Old-Timer Speaks

You laugh at us old-timers
and maybe youth has cause,
for when your hair gets gray and thin
you don’t expect applause.

Perhaps we’re not so handsome,
perhaps we’re not so spry
but when youth gets as old as us,
then youth won’t wonder why.

For we have fought the battles
and we have led the van,
and made this life an easier road
for many a younger man.

And he will do tomorrow
a lot of things that pay
because old-timers thought them out
and tried them yesterday.

We know the world is changing
the ways of trade are new;
men put new labels on their goods,
new roofs on houses, too.

But still the old foundation
that some old-timers laid
remains the cornerstone of all
the progress we have made.

Micro Fiction With A Wink

One day I came across a writing challenge based on that poignant six-word story attributed to Earnest Hemmingway. I’ve heard some folks say he didn’t pen it, but I’ sure you know the one I’m referring to;
Baby shoes for sale. never worn.

I scribbled a bunch of lines down in a notebook — written as news headlines —and have just come across them again. Which story would you choose to read?

Beanstalk chopper fined after giant crash.

Summer flies south as autumn falls.

Cereal profits down: “Snap Crackle Pop” caught in crunch.

Deaf wife applauds husband’s musical attempts.

Lawn mower for sale: bought motor home.

Small kindness done cheerfully multiplies smiles.