Prompt Combo

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning was VANQUISH

sun’s golden spears
vanquish moon and stars
triumphant new day

And here’s a haiku I wrote a month ago, after visiting our church’s parking lot. Call it a post- COVID verse:

once vanquished
poplar sprouts take back the land
no parking these days

The Saturday Six-Word Story Prompt was PEACE

So here’s a response that incorporates both:

Aggravating fly vanquished
e restored. Momentarily.

A Six-Word Argument

Welcome to Week #50 of the Saturday Six Word Story Prompt.
Click here to read the guidelines for the Saturday Six Word Story Prompt series.

Prompt for Week #50 (Aug 8, 2020 – Aug 14, 2020)Gratitude

First off, I’m grateful that my internet issues this morning were indeed just a blip and are now resolved. 🙂 And now for my mini-tale response:

“Grateful? Sure I am. But still…”


This was inspired by a wise friend who told me years ago that when you’re making an apology or discussing something, as soon as you say the word “But,” you’re going in the opposite direction.
Just think how many long-winded arguments start out with…
“I do agree with you, but…”

An Image Plus

Ragtag Daily Prompt: IMAGE
Word of the Day Prompt: MESSAGE

The Ragtag prompt today, IMAGE, is easy enough for me to respond to, as I often use images for my blog posts. In my youth we called them pictures but times have changed and so must I.

As readers here will have seen, I’m fond of making “posters” to use as inspirational blog posts. I pick an image from Pixabay, like this one by Daniel Roberts, pull it up on Paint 3D, choose a font, type in a verse like this haiku — and there you are!
M.lark + haiku.D Roberts

Or I may pick some special quote to insert:
Meadowlark + quote

And here’s my little tale in response to  LAZY, the word given for this weekend’s Saturday Six Word Story Prompt :

Camel.Petra Jordan
Image by LoggaWiggler — Pixabay


Six-Word Story Prompt

6WSP is offered by Shweta and the rules can be found at her blog: My Random Ramblings

The theme is SURPRISE.
The story word limit is 6 words (words, NOT characters!). No more and no less. It’s not necessary to use the prompt word. However, the story should be relevant to the prompt.

So here’s my response:

Cherish Today Regular


The prompt has gotten various responses so far, as you’ll see at Shweta”s blog. Keith, over at Keith’s ramblings, has posted his tiny tale here …and leaves us all to wonder/imagine what the question was. 😉