Morning Smile

he proposes
to change my name
the jury's still out

Yesterday I received notice from Word Press about upgrading my domain name. Checking this morning, I see that mine’s good for another six months, but they are offering that I can purchase another. Here’s one of their suggestions:

Image: Pexels — Pixabay

Thanks, but I’ll pass.

Trivial Echewt

The Ragtag Daily Prompt word this morning is CURMUDGEON. So here’s my attempt at illustrating the creature, with a newly discovered word thrown in for fun.

Pixabay Image
Gregarious, not–
curmudgeon, that’s me;
I encourage new friendships rarely,
rather passing my days
in solivagant ways,
I furnish my requisites squarely.

Causeries I avoid;
I’ve no ears for gossip.
Old friends inform me, “You bore us!
Discussions with you,
are insufferable, too,
if you’re parroting Roget’s Thesaurus!”

Mini Tales

Yesterday I came across a list of quick tales I once wrote in answer to a micro-story challenge. Hope they give you a smile.

Beanstalk chopper banished after giant crash.

Kellogg’s in a pinch. Snap Crackle Pop caught in the crunch.

Mortgage-burning: we finally own our home!

Deaf woman applauds husband’s musical inclination.

Image: Open Clip-art — Pixabay.

Small deeds done cheerfully multiply smiles. 🙂

Hot & Hazy Haiku

Here on the Canadian prairies the weather is a favorite conversation-opener. As one book character puts it, “There’s so much of it about.” And our beloved Saskatchewan is the driest province in Canada — overall and especially some years.

It’s not the coldest part of the country, obviously; the far north holds that honor. Still, a week of -40 C/F at the end of December is the norm. My husband recalls back in the 50s seeing the temp dip to -50 F in south-central SK. According to one book of SK trivia, our provincial record is -56.7 C — that’s -70 F — at Prince Albert in 1893.

Our summer so far has consisted of a few really warm days and a lot of moderate one, for which we’re very thankful when we read about heat waves elsewhere. We’ve had more rain this summer than in the past couple of summers, which means the crops are looking great.

And now a couple of weather-ish haiku verses I hope you’ll enjoy:

Image by M Ameen — Pixabay
gray dawn
all the way to the sun


sizzling day
some kid has to try
asphalt eggs
Image by Richard Eisenmenger — Pixabay

No, This Year

Here’s my response to the Ragtag Daily Prompt. Today’s word was CREDIT and in this tale I’m carrying over the thought of Sammi’s Weekend Prompt word, YEAR, but going way over the given word limit.

The Anniversary Surprise

“You know, Will, we’re often talked of visiting England someday,” she said. “Wouldn’t that be a great way to celebrate our twentieth anniversary this fall?”

Will shrugged. “I dunno. Life’s so busy. Maybe some other year.” He drained his coffee mug and buttered another piece of toast.

“But life won’t stop being so busy until we’re too old to travel anymore.”

“Hmm… Hope not.”

“Anyway, I’ve booked our tickets. We leave August 20th; come back Sept 3rd.”

He leaned back in shock, then eyed her suspiciously. “That’s two weeks! Have you maxed out our credit card?”

“Not at all. I’ve been squirreling funds away for years, thinking of this trip. I even paid cash for our airfare.”

“Clever you! All right then. This will be our “Once in a lifetime” anniversary binge. Don’t ask for Paris in five years.”

“Okay. Not Paris.” She smiled serenely.