Art In Many Forms

The Ragtag Daily Prompt word for today is ART

I’ve tended to think of ARTIST primarily as PAINTER…

Ina Hall — Pixabay

or someone who draws…

But ART takes so many forms…

RitaE — Pixabay
conger designs — Pixabay

And there are those who ply their craft with words…

Word artist at work
weaving tales of bright ribbons
gift-wrapped adventures

Homemaking is an art; leadership is an art. Diplomacy — knowing the right thing to say at the right time — is an art. Artists “sweat the small stuff” and usually make the world a brighter, more cheerful place because of their efforts.

Weekend Writing Prompt

The Weekend Writing Prompt on Sammi’s blog is OPPOSITE. Yesterday I decided to give LETHARGY the boot and compose a response. Then I went even further to banish the blahs: I got out my paints, sitting in a closet for a year now, and tried my hand at IMPRESSIONISM. But today WordPress OPPOSED me when I tried to WRITE. It treated me as a stranger! Just a visitor. Guess I’ve been away too long? Anyway, it took a bit of doing to get the WRITE button to appear so I could post this. (And now it won’t give me an EDIT button.) 😦


Waves of lethargy engulf me! I paddle furiously but they’re sweeping in opposite directions from my dreams: those sewing, writing, painting projects calling from the shores of productivity. Oh, these relaxing waves! So easy to float along – but for those jagged rocks of scruple.

And here’s my attempt at an impressionist landscape. (Tans and yellows look overly bright in this pic.)

Memories of Montréal

For some reason this morning I started to think about the four years we lived in Montréal, riding the subway, visiting the Old Port, the street musicians. Here are a few memories…

Old Port buskers
captivating Andes flutes
drummer a beat behind

stilt man
steps up his McGill tuition
future architect

subway guitar player
revs up as we pass
notes in his case

“just a dollar madam
milk for my little girl”
here’s hoping

dusty old derelict
his haunting “Oh Danny Boy”
pulls out tears and toonies

shivering beggar
on a downtown street
I donate my lunch

Latino singer
my silly feet start dancing
“ba ba bamba”

Image: efes — Pixabay

Creative Minds

The Ragtag Daily Prompt today is CREATIVITY. I can hardly let that pass without comment.

It amazes me what all people can come up with when they set their mind to it. Creativity takes so many forms: art of all kinds, food preparation, decor, music, creative writing. And we certainly owe a lot to past inventors for the good life we enjoy today.

Here are a few examples of creativity:

Briam Cute — Pixabay
Jill Wellington — Pixabay

And this cutie:

Michel 89320 — Pixabay

I’ve been fairly creative myself; at different times I’ve enjoyed writing, drawing & painting, sewing and piecing quilts.

Now here’s a verse of mine that suggests we need creativity when responding to someone whose mind is slipping.


Ever notice how
the constant tinkle of wind chimes
on a windy day?
can rub your nerves raw
after an hour or two?

I pray for more patience
as Dad asks the same question
every half hour. I say “Sorry,
we haven't found your car keys yet.
Better stay home anyway. 
Price of gas so high now.”

Socks and the Fox

The Ragtag Daily Prompt today is FOX. A nice simple word; a creature we’re all familiar with even if we haven’t personally made one’s acquaintance. Since my Socks tale was well liked, I’ll do a second story about the beloved pet pig who saves the day — and include the illustration I drew just yesterday. 🙂

Socks And The Fox

The crow watches silently as a fox slink its way along the fence, aiming for Farmer Rushton’s chicken coop. Hope springs eternal and, to the fox, smells like chicken dinner.

But here comes Rushton’s pet pig, Socks, lumbering around the corner of the barn, sniffing the air curiously. Now, what can a pig smell besides pig? Fox, evidently. Socks gets a whiff of the different scent and lets out a questioning squeal.

Fox freezes. Socks, curious about this odd scent, snuffles her way toward its source, stopping now and then to peer around with her small piggy eyes. When she finally catches sight of Fox she squeals like a banshee and dashes toward him.

Fox has been blessed with a natural adroitness, so he scrambles up the fence rails and sits on the top one, glaring down at Socks. Putting her front hooves on the first rail, she’s staring up at him, snuffing and grunting like half a dozen magpies.

Now the crow joins the katzenjammer. In spite of the racket, Fox’s keen ears catch the sound of the farmhouse door slamming and human voices approaching. Fox has no fear of this knuckle-headed pig, but a human is another creature entirely. Recalling the loud crack crack that often came with the farmer, and seeing puffs of dirt explode all around him, he leaps off the fence and dashes for the nearby woods.

No chicken dinner tonight. He might have made it, too, if it wasn’t for that disgusting pig!

Image by Viola — Pixabay