Keep On

I don’t know who wrote this poem but it seems appropriate for this season. I get a little down when summer is gone and autumn is starting to fade away, too.  I hate to see the daylight hours dwindle, the evenings get so dark so soon, the winds blowing strong day after day.

I don’t know about you, but I’m hit by a lot more more blue moods in fall and winter. So I find it’s good to have a verse like this memorized for times when my ooomph has deflated and I’m feeling there isn’t much hope for improvement.


You’ve tried and failed and down you tumble.
Your get-up’s gone; you sit and grumble.
The path of life’s just curves and hills;
the weather brings you coughs and chills.
But keep on trekking and you’ll get
to valleys full of sunshine yet.

Hiker + quote

Do It Now

If you have a task to do,
Let me whisper, friend, to you,
Do it.

If you have anything to say,
True and needed, yea or nay,
Say it.

If you have anything to give,
That another’s joy may live,
Give it.

If you know what torch to light,
Guiding others through the night,
Light it.

If you have any grief to meet,
At the loving Father’s feet,
Meet it.

If you are given light to see,
What a child of God should be,
See it.

Whether life be bright or drear,
There is a message sweet and clear,
Whispered down to every ear–
Hear it.

Author Unknown

Another thought on the topic of APPRECIATION.

Fan Mail

Time for another inning of Friday Fictioneers. First, three cheers for Rochelle W-F, the host and referee of our rowdy players, ever watchful for word-count penalties. If you’d like to add your contribution to today’s prompt, head over to Rochelle’s blog and click on the blue frog.
Secondly, thanks to Dale Rogerson for her contribution of a photo prompt. Her innocuous colorful bouquets have generated stalker tales and broken romances, also some nostalgic items. My offering today is neither here nor there.

©Dale Rogerson

Mom had filled the tall vase with flowers, likely to cheer him up. The florist’s delivery stumped him, though. “Bryce, #17.” He read the card.
In town visiting my cousin and took in the game last night. You guys made some terrific plays — don’t let this defeat discourage you. Been magnificently trounced myself on occasion.

Bryce’s eyes widened when he saw the signature. “I can’t believe this!” He grabbed his cell phone but before he could dial, it rang.
The voice of his teammate Manny blasted his ear. “Hey, Bryce. You’ll never guess what just got delivered here!”
“Maybe I will.”