The Secret Story

It’s been awhile since I dabbled in fiction, but today I feel I must write some kind of story. So I’ll try the Six Sentence Story Prompt, where the given word is PLAY.


Are you going to play around with that thing all day or are you going to get ready to go,” Janaya snapped as she pulled on her tennis shoes.

“Give me a minute more; I want to get this motion sensor camera set up and working right before we go,” her brother responded, “because I’m sure someone’s been sneaking into the house while we’re away.”

Timothy clicked the box shut and placed it carefully on the shelf, partly concealed by a vase of artificial flowers, arranging it to point directly at the front door.

A few days later Timothy took the camera down and took out the SIM card so he could view the data collected. Janaya and her mother came running when they heard him shout, “Aha! I just knew it.”

Which is how they finally discovered their Uncle Kelvin had been sneaking in to use their computer when they weren’t home because he was too embarrassed to let anyone know he was trying to become the next Stephen King.

Haiku Views 4

splashes of rain
on the autumn wind
sad story sniffles
faintly the moon
shows up before sundown
sibling rivalry
lost on country roads
new territory to explore
GPS complains
discarded antlers
one last hard knock
sheds the load*

*In these parts, discarded deer antlers are called sheds, and there are some people who go around gathering them for decorations or crafts. Gathering sheds you’re apt to get lost on country roads. 🙂

Haiku Views 3

contract deadline
novelist pens her tale
around the block

walkway tiles
heaved by frost
custody battle

evening picnic
happy mosquitoes
coming to dine

day at the fair
cotton candy drum spinning
threads of memory
Image: Open Clipart Vectors — Pixabay

Off-Board Adventure

It’s time for another terse tale for the Six-Sentence Stories. This writing prompt is given by GirlieOnTheEdge. CLICK HERE if you’d like to see the prompt rules and add your story to the mix.

So here’s my micro-fiction tale, which sort of leaves you hanging — but you can use your imagination to fill in the rest. 🙂


“Snow board, skateboard, surfboard, water skis, motocross, I’ve done it all – and want to do it all again, just as soon as I’m back on my feet.”

“Well, I’m not as adventurous as you, pal; I prefer to keep my feet – or at least my wheels – on the ground.”

“But life’s an adventure, meant to be lived to the full, right? So I asked myself, why not give hang-gliding a try?”

“For me the biggest risk is never knowing for sure where you might land, what with unpredictable wind currents and all,” Jim said, regarding his long-time friend sympathetically, “and I wouldn’t want to land where you did.”

“Your attention please: visiting hours are now over,” the loudspeaker crackled, ending their conversation.

Poems from the Tree Top

Once upon a time I was a new — and really ambitious –blogger.
Naively I hearkened to the experts’ advice that “Your blog should have one theme.”
Once upon I time I had four blogs, each with its own theme or topic.
One day I realized the folly of trying to maintain three different blogs.

In August 3013 I started a blog specifically for haiku — Treetop Haiku — and posted a lot of mediocre verses. This blog has been dormant since April 2019, but here are a few of those verses, slightly reworked and hopefully improved. Let me know in the comments which one(s) you like.

nursing her fawn
the doe’s ears twitch
a mouse rustles

her reflection
rippled by a water bug
shattered dreams

cotton fields in bloom
the rattle of our chains
as we cycle past

reading in bed
the stories under her pillow
swirl through her dreams

Image by Oldiefan — Pixabay