Online Overwhelm

The Ragtag Daily Prompt today is ONLINE

It should be easy enough to use this word, as I wouldn’t be responding to this prompt and you wouldn’t be reading it if we weren’t online. And when I look around ONLINE at all the writing prompts being offered to occupy us these days, I realize I could be online all day. I wrote about a few the other day, but one I didn’t write about was Reedsy’s Creative Writing Contest. Click HERE if you want to see their 744 prompts to date.

They also, among various other sites, are suggesting books we can read while we have nothing else to do. Click Here for REEDSY’s list. Merriam Webster has also published a list of books to read while you’re hunkered down.

I’d gladly add some of these to my TO-READ list. Carla Carlisle’s memoir, Journey to the Son sounds intriguing! I’ll have to add it to my 500+ list of books I hope to read this coming decade. 😉

These book review lists always bring to mind Frank Zappa’s famous words, “So many books; so little time.”

In the midst of all these suggestions that I’m sitting at home with not much to do, I’ve kind of crashed into a “NO TIME” zone. I have SO MANY things I want to read, write, sew, clean, and generally DO, but feel like I don’t have the time — won’t ever have enough time — to do any of it.

Past experience teaches me that this is a chronic feeling, kind of like a migraine, and it will pass. I’ll just haul out my famous little quote and wait it out. (It does help to write about it. 😉 )

Candle quote
S Hermann & F. Richter –Pixabay

How about you? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by these ONLINE thoughts that you must be loafing around and need more things to do? And otherwise, how are you all weathering stay-at-home storm?


Have Some of My Cake

Good morning to all my readers and followers.

Bright sunshine forecasting a beautiful day and I’m celebrating my birthday by having a coffee, doing the laundry, and generally staying home and avoiding all human contact. 🙂

Not quite true, as I’m cooking supper at the seniors’ residence this afternoon; also, my dear husband gave me a card and a kiss before he left to pick up a few groceries. Thankfully,  I can visit online as well, so won’t you all join me this morning for a cup of coffee, a piece of cake, and a few relevant verses.

CoffeeCake.Farooq Sharif

Here are a few haiku I wrote yesterday, combining thoughts of warmer days to come with our current situation:

morning joggers
run rings around
my safe space

a bumblebee
not knowing the law
comes way too close

if only mosquitoes would get the point of social distancing