Queen Mabel

Image: GLady — Pixabay

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is PLUMP. And I’m going to bring back the lovely pigeon Mabel for today’s flash fiction.

Mabel surveys her fellow pigeons, children and grandchildren, from her lofty branch. She enjoys the morning light on what she expects to be another beautiful autumn day. Being queen of the pigeons, she’s had first crack at the feast. Now she rests and as the others — spring chicks most of them — peck away at the grains spread out for them by the kindly old man on the bench.

She sighs contentedly; life is good. Perhaps she’s a little on the plump side, but it’s all in the genes–and who can argue with their inherited genes? She’s old and wise now, simply accepts herself as she is and goes on with the business of directing her realm. So many birds to keep an eye on and order about!

Now who’s that coming along the street, walking briskly, scattering her subjects? One of those humans with his head full of ideas, not paying the least attention to the birds. How they rush about! Oh wait, he’s stopping. He’s looking up at her; Mabel senses he’s admiring her. She plumps herself up and even more, pleased with the admiring gaze of another creature. After all, isn’t she beautiful?

And she’s the queen now. Ah life is good!

You can read the original tale, written for the RDP Sumptuous , HERE.

Curiosity Cure

Here’s a belated response to GirlieOnThe Edge’s SIX SENTENCE STORIES where the prompt word is VAULT.

Curiosity Cured the Cat

“The gate’s padlocked, Witt,” Lee grumbled, “and that means keep out –which is also what that sign says, in case you can’t read.”

His pal turned from peering through a thin crack and said, “this isn’t that high; I can vault over it no problem.”

“Yeah, maybe, but what’s on the other side that you have to see; this is an experimental station, after all, and if you show up uninvited they might experiment on you.”

Itching with curiosity, no way was Witt going to give up, but jumped up, grabbed the top of the wooden gate and pulled himself over.

“Remember, curiosity killed the cat,” Lee called – but it was too late.

When Gavin Wittenburg was allowed to exit that gate again two hours later, ashen-faced and trembling, his curiosity was more than satisfied.

Because I’m only allowed six sentences, you will have to imagine his two hours inside. 🙂 You can read other responses visa the Link Here

Over the Barrel

Another Weekend Writing Prompt has appeared in my Inbox and I’ll quickly post my response before heading off to cook at the senior’s residence today. And here it is:

Over the Barrel

“I see they don’t have that old barrel-of-water game anymore,” Sam commented as they strolled the fair. “You’d buy three throws; if you hit the bull’s-eye, you dunked a guy. Loads of fun.”

Maressa frowned. “Sounds chilly.”

“Nah. And he got paid.”

“Maybe you could earn some dough being the guy sitting over the barrel? Think how much fun all our friends would have dunking you.”

“Well… Hmm… Never knew what people saw in that game anyway.”

Mini Tales

Yesterday I came across a list of quick tales I once wrote in answer to a micro-story challenge. Hope they give you a smile.

Beanstalk chopper banished after giant crash.

Kellogg’s in a pinch. Snap Crackle Pop caught in the crunch.

Mortgage-burning: we finally own our home!

Deaf woman applauds husband’s musical inclination.

Image: Open Clip-art — Pixabay.

Small deeds done cheerfully multiply smiles. 🙂