A Stream of Verses



I read the Daily Addictions prompt — ABANDON — last night before I went to bed and started composing haiku verses that would fit that topic. They’re a random bunch, but I’ll post them anyway and you, dear Readers, can say which ones you like best.

As I type this, another notification comes from Daily Addictions: tomorrow’s prompt word will be CONVENIENT. Well, I can say that it’s very convenient for me to have the prompt word well ahead of time, since it takes me so long to get my response written up.

I do appreciate that so many bloggers are putting forth a huge effort to provide us all with writing prompts. All kinds of responses come to my mind as I see the various writing prompts but I don’t find/take time to write them. So I’ll plod along, doing what I can. 🙂

Now for the Verses:
in her locker
the customer service rep
drops her plastic smile

on his doorstep
the banker abandons
all outstanding loans

abandoned sand castle
the hermit crab claims
squatter’s rights

the doll forsaken
for a new best friend
leans against the bear

when the pain hits hard
she abandons her maxim
“grin and bear it”

to the wild wind
the crippled lad releases
all his grudges

The Tide Comes In

I read this little anecdote years ago and have retold it in my own words. Thought I’d share it with you today.

A youngster from an inland English city was taken on a day trip to the seashore for the first time. It was an amazing outing; he stared in awe at the vastness of the rolling sea and listened with interest as his father and others around him explained the wonder of oceans and tides.

Then he enjoyed an hour or so of paddling around in the sea and playing on the beach. When it was time to go he wanted to take along some sea water to show his mother. So his dad found him a bottle, which he filled halfway and wrapped in his towel for the ride home.

Later, when he was carrying in his things from the trip, he told his mum all about his wonderful visit to the ocean and showed her the sample he’d brought home.

She thrilled to hear the excitement in his voice and examined the bottle he held up. “That’s great, dear! But why did you only fill the bottle half full?”

“I’ve left room for the tide to come in.”

This clever lad may have gone far in the world of science. 🙂


Speaking of tales of the sea, did you hear about the terrible accident when a red cruise ship collided with a purple cruise ship? All the passengers were marooned.