Country Road

We’re making great time but
I notice
off to my right a gravel road
this busy highway
and curves
through a gentle valley,
at times behind golden grain,
scatterings of would-be
willow forest–
if abundant rain would only fall–
and loops
over an autumn-dusted hill.
Wise little road,
it chooses
to roam among topaz fields
while we harried travelers
zoom endlessly
through life on super highways,
something more important.

Image: Zdenek Buchta — Pixabay

Songs on the Trail

Waskesiu Lake trail
northern lights sizzle
across the heavens

Waskesiu Lake is located in Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan, Canada. The word means red deer or elk, in the Cree language.

wild wind thrashes
the tree limbs above
our sore necks
woodland notes
a screaming jay
protests our intrusion

Not every sound you hear in the woods is welcoming and soothing.


Would You Ever?

The Lame Magpie

Would you ever feel
a smidge of sympathy
for a lame magpie?
Yes, one of those
obnoxious pests
greedy pigs,
black & white gangsters!

Sure, it can still fly…
but if you saw it every day
hobbling across your yard
picking at bird seed
scattered for the sparrows,
would your heart be touched
in some small way?

If you’d see its crippled leg
buckle at each step,
see it shunned and shooed
by its own kind,
would you ever feel
just the teensiest bit
sorry for the thing?

Image: OpenClipArt Vectors — Pixabay

For the past month a lame magpie has been hobbling around our yard, and I must confess that I do feel a bit sorry for the bird, in spite of its many generic faults. 🙂

First Snow

First snow flakes – angel-feather
innocence falling from heaven –
soften me with their gentleness,
the sincerity of their efforts to erase
the blemishes of my imperfect world.

Part of a poem I wrote long ago. Here's the link, if you wish to read it all.

Good morning everyone! We’ve a white world this morning. After living for months in a dry and thirsty land, all the rain we never got since July arrived yesterday as fine, wet snow. Started falling in the night Saturday and snowed all day yesterday. No angle feathers, this stuff, heavy and wet. Daytime temps hover just above freezing, which means it’s perfect weather for building snowmen. Those of us who grumbled about the dust clouds lingering over all the country roads are cheering now. Our cats are dismayed, disgruntled and depressed.

As I’ve written before, I was putting out water basins for the wild creatures and they were getting emptied — often licked right dry — in the evening or night. I saw a doe and fawn working at one the other morning. Also we’ve had a flock of sharp-tailed grouse scuttle through the yard now and then; one morning I counted twenty. They were circling my small water basins, trying to get a sip, which wasn’t easy for almost a dozen plump birds. Check this site for photos. And the sparrows are always with us.

We’ve had a bit of shadow over our congregation, as one of our senior members passed away Oct 6th. At age 76 I’d call Ralph a senior, but he didn’t see it that way. He was still “in harness” working as a trucker, mostly hauling grain to the Saskatoon AgPro terminal. He was pulling in with his load of grain when he suddenly slumped over behind the wheel and was gone. No previous heart trouble. We had the funeral Oct 12th and it was huge: he was from a large family and had many friends, so there were almost 500 people. Our church isn’t that big so the congregation rented a tent to hold the overflow.

The day after Ralph’s funeral Bob found an obit in the Moose Jaw paper: Ruth N, his cousin and my old school friend, died of cancer. We’d long ago lost touch, but Ruth was barely a year older than I — which was rather depressing. And yet more sadness: Oct 14th a minister and wife from Manitoba (ages 72 + 69) were killed in a car accident. His brother-in-law and two nephews & families from here attended the funeral yesterday. The folks at the senior’s home listened to the streamed service.

I must communicate with the Happiness Engineers at WordPress and see what they can do so that I can freely post again. I’ve left this too long, hoping it’d blow over, but it makes blogging no fun. Yesterday I couldn’t post anything myself. Thankfully my dear hubby discovered a round-about way, but just clicking on my link, my blog still wants to regard me as a visitor. I had to log in this morning to respond to comments — and couldn’t LIKE any of them without using this round-about way. And I don’t have an EDIT button. 😦

Anyway, thanks to each of you for reading my ramblings and following this blog. I wish you all a good week. Hope we can all accomplish some worthy goals before the weekend rolls around again. 🙂

Image by Jill Wellington — Pixabay