Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt: TWILIGHT

This is one of my very favorite words! In fact, its imagery of the slowly darkening landscape has appealed to poets song writers all through time.

“You and me alone at twilight time.”

Or the Scottish version
“Roamin’ through the gloamin’ with a lassie by my side.”

I’ve used it in both haiku and poems…

hunter moon
great-horned owl’s silent flight
over twilight fields

breaking waves
fragments of moonlight dance
in the twilight

Songs of Twilight

Piercing the sunset stillness
a scream, descending to a wail,
followed by a dozen more howls
from the wandering coyote band.

Shadows drift along the shelter belt,
as their howls grow faint. A thousand
peepers resume their reedy chant;
in the nearby pond drowsy ducks mutter.

Quarter moon rises over the poplars
casting its silver glow on branches
and birds snuggle into their nests
as twilight creeps over the prairie.

To A Jet Plane

The Ragtag Daily Prompt today is PINNACLE. And since my Ode to a Camel went over well, here’s another verse along those lines. It’s been resting in my DropBox files awaiting a final polish.

Jet Plane

Great roaring marvel of man,
Could I just ride along with you?
As you reach the pinnacle of those clouds
where sunbeams bounce on the billows.

Take me where the rain is born,
where thunder begins its rumbling roar
where satellite signals incessantly
skitter across brilliant blue atmosphere

Carry my dreams in your wings,
draw me away to another world
where warm breezes shift the sands
on the beach under cloudless skies.

It’s winter here, our land is barren,
my work so humdrum day to day.
As I see you zip by in a flash of white
how I wish I could travel with you!

Photo by music4Life — Pixabay

Ode To A Camel

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning was SAND.

Image: Herbert Bieser — Pixabay

Well, Bobby Burns once wrote an ode to a Mouse, to a Louse, and even an Address to a Haggis. So why not to a Camel?

Fellow Traveller

the miles you must go
the grit in your teeth
the sand always pulling
at weary splayed feet

what you’d give for a drink
an oasis of calm
in this bleak weary land
for your spirit a balm

a place to unload
those burdens that press
and sit yourself down
for refreshing and rest

like you, poor old camel
I constantly weave
toward the night coming
the promised reprieve


Image: LoggaWiggler — Pixabay

A Motley Tale

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is MOTLEY

Definitions being:
– variegated
– made up of many different people or things
– a woolen fabric of mixed colours, made centuries ago in England
– a jester or fool
– a mixture especially of incongruous elements

I thought of how Lewis Carroll pulled so many bits and pieces from various tales and rhymes and wove them together for his Alice in Wonderland. Definitely a motley crew of characters.

And my muse said, “Well, why not?” So…

A Motley Verse

The cobbler and the carpenter went walking one fine day.
They wandered through a woods ablaze with leaves of scarlet gray.
There in the trees they came upon a runaway London bus
and said, “This thing should be returned. I guess it’s up to us.”

They drove it to the Firth of Forth and crossed to Isle of Skye
but never did reach London town. (They can’t imagine why!)
So they loaded it on a Viking ship and joined the hearty crew
whose destination was the Thames, much to London’s rue.

The bus was set there on the dock; the drivers held for ransom.
The price was gained, the sacking done by these invaders handsome.
Fatigued, the cobbler and carpenter then caught their train for home:
the 4:50 from Paddington — as mentioned in the tome.

They spotted the crime that set Miss Marple on her sleuthing plan,
and testified at the trial that the doctor was truly the man.
At last they reached their homes and settled back to normal life,
each of them soundly scolded for his wanderings by his wife.

Big-Word Issues

Clcker-Free-Vertor-Images – Pixabay

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is PERNICIOUS, a word that means highly injurious or destructive, deadly, my M-W online says.

One synonym offered is DELETERIOUS. Harmful, often in a subtle or unexpected way. A great word to describe the cold I caught last week Monday. This bug laid me low! Quite unexpected and very undesirable. It villainously derailed my plans for writing and blogging. (What delicious big words!)

I’ve always thought that pernicious carries the sense of an ongoing harm, but apparently not. Yet it’s often applied to medical conditions which are continuous. I could say that my chronic leukemia is a pernicious condition. I’m happy to report that I finally saw my oncologist Monday and she has given me treatment in the form of a pill with a huge name, ACALABRUTINIB.

A mouthful, eh? Thankfully the pill is much smaller than its name, and most people tolerate it quite well. Once I start taking this, I must take it consistently – religiously – twice as day for as long as I live. As soon as I’m over this cold, I’ll get started.

I started my month with the plan of doing other work in the daytime and blogging in the evening, but my own nature or innate rhythm interfered with that ideal. Morning’s a good time for me and I find reading and blogging fuel my brain. By evening I’m inclined to unwind; I’d rather sit with a book rather than write anything. Still, I did work on the novel I’ve been writing…and…I was able to get at some sewing projects last week.

The last time I was in the Cancer Clinic, in May of 2019, before COVID changed all my appointments to phone consultations, I was 40 lbs heavier than I am now. A lot of that weight loss has come since my diabetes changed my life in August. I haven’t sewed much in the past year, so I’m definitely needing some new dresses. (I make all my own.) I was inspired last week and got to it in spite of this pernicious cold.

Well, that’s a quick recap of the past ten days, and a response to the fitting word, pernicious. Now I hope to continue my usual smorgasbord of misc. assorted prose & poems. My omnium-gatherum. (Love that one!)