And If It’s Half Broke?

There’s an old saying that “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Leave well enough alone.

But what if it’s only a little broke? Still works, sort of? There are folks who fix the leaky faucet before it becomes a flood under the sink. Fix that oil leak in the car before the motor seizes up. If you ask, “Why worry about it when the problem’s so small,” they’ll tell you, “Procrastination only leads to disaster.”

And there are those of us who tend to hobble along with things as they are, hoping for a miracle, until the thing breaks down totally and becomes a real nuisance. When the drain pipe is totally clogged and the sink overflows, it’s time for action. When the tire’s almost flat, it’s time to have the leak repaired. There are those who go to a doctor while the problem is still small, while others have a health issue they hope will resolve itself. When they can hardly drag themselves out of bed in the morning it’s time to see the doctor.

A friend of my folks, a prairie farmer of Scottish birth, was fearful about the odd bulge developing on his hip. He ignored it and carried on, half fearing that if he saw a doctor, he’d hear the dreaded C word. Finally it became so big that he did visit the doctor, who sent him straight to the hospital. “That bulge is an aneurysm! It could burst any moment and you’d be dead in minutes.”

Sadly, we procrastinators are apt do this with relationships too. It’s risky to ask exactly what he/she meant by that comment. They might tells us exactly what they think of our behaviour and their words will likely be painful. So we tell ourselves, “Just let it go.” Yet the comment digs into us and festers. Usually more verbal exchanges happen and finally we’re pussyfooting around each other. The times we brave it and talk the thing over, we find it was only one point they objected to, not our whole personality. Or we completely misunderstood their remark. I can recall times when I’ve said something just as a joke, thinking the other person would get it, only to find out later from a third party that they took my comment seriously and were quite upset with me.

Image: Robin Higgins — Pixabay

What led to my musing this morning is my issue with WordPress. WP isn’t working 100% for me, but it still functions well most of the time. At times, though, the program won’t recognize my e-mail address so I have to give my username and log in anew. Especially for some blogs, while others I can leave Likes and comments no problem. So I just carry on and hope the problem will disappear. Will it, do you think?

Developers with their many “improvements” have made life so complicated for us simple minds! Sometimes I gripe that if the engineers at WordPress didn’t fix things that were working just fine, blogging would be simpler. However, I realize they were trying to accommodate a wide range of bloggers with other interests than mine, so I’ll hush it. I’m still very grateful to have this platform where I can ramble to my heart’s content. 🙂

Musical Choices

I’m a bit late, but here’s my response to Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt

The Jamboree and the Funeral

“Why’s all this traffic on the road this morning?”

“Big country music jamboree near Regina. Starts at noon, every first of August.”

“Fast food places will be packed. Hope we can find a table when we’re ready to stop.”

“Feels funny, you know. All these folks heading for a party and we’re going to say our last goodbye to dear Aunt May. Solemn music, tears and tissues.”

Two hours later, as the funeral started, they were surprised to hear Garth Brooks singing “If Tomorrow Never Comes.”

Funeral music has changed a lot, I thought as we listened to “Born To Be Wild” at the end of the service for my brother-in-law. Which gave me the idea for this story, but Google had to help me with this one. I’ve never heard this song, but read the words and it looked like something that might fly at a funeral — the general theme being, “Say those loving words today to the people you love, in case this is your last chance and tomorrow never comes.”

There is an annual Country music Jamboree every year at Craven a small town not far from Regina, SK. At least there was before COVID hit.

Forgiving & Forgetting

This morning I had the urge to write a story, so here’s my response to the Ragtag Daily Prompt for today and yesterday together. Today’s prompt is FLASHBACK and yesterday’s word was LUCKY.


“Why are you sighing, Nish,” her friend asked as they walked through the shopping mall.

“Flashback,” Nichina replied. “I saw a t-shirt in that store window and it reminded me the time I met Sue here. She was wearing a t-shirt that color and I said something about it.”

“Oh-oh. Didn’t go over?”

She’s rather pale and that mustard yellow looked awful on her! And here she was, showing off this designer tee she’d paid big bucks for. I should have kept quiet, but you know how it is sometimes, you just blurt out your thoughts. You think she should know… She got really upset and didn’t speak to me for weeks, even when I said I was sorry.” She shook her head. “I couldn’t lie and say it looked great, but I wish I’d never said anything.”

Kareen nodded in sympathy. “Yeah. When to tell the truth can be a really tricky question, because the other person may not be very willing to hear it.”

“You said it!”

“And besides, it’s only your take on the matter. But those things happen. I’ve said things – and done things, too – that I was really sorry for after. But I make a mental note to not do that again and then I just put them out of my head and the incident never comes to mind again. Or if it does, I boot it out.” She grinned.

“You’re lucky! I see something that triggers a flashback, reminds me of one of my said-or-did bloopers, and I feel bad all over again. Why didn’t I think?”

“And what does that do?”

Nishina stopped and regarded her friend thoughtfully. “I guess those flashbacks tend to make me feel like a failure at life.”

“And you’re not,” Kareen assured her. “I’ve heard you and I know there are many times when you’ve said just the right thing. Don’t let that nagging little voice lie to you. Boot it out. You know, say, ‘Get thee behind me, Satan.’

“I’ll try to remember that.” Nishina admired Kareen’s easy-going approach. Would she ever find it that easy to forgive and forget her bloopers?

Image from Pixabay.