Haiku Brunch

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning is TABLECLOTH

Won’t you join me for a haiku brunch this morning? I’ll spread my attractive gingham tablecloth on my patio table and serve a plate of tasty haiku & senryu, old & new, baked or half-baked. 😉 You can let me know which ones taste the best.

Image by Sofia Livarinen — Pixabay
sparrow urchins
we break bread together
alfresco brunch

last muffin
on the plate
left again

fly in the window
its buzz sawing
my sanity

drought-cracked soil
drinks in the morning rain
harvest of thistles

Poems from the Tree Top

Once upon a time I was a new — and really ambitious –blogger.
Naively I hearkened to the experts’ advice that “Your blog should have one theme.”
Once upon I time I had four blogs, each with its own theme or topic.
One day I realized the folly of trying to maintain three different blogs.

In August 3013 I started a blog specifically for haiku — Treetop Haiku — and posted a lot of mediocre verses. This blog has been dormant since April 2019, but here are a few of those verses, slightly reworked and hopefully improved. Let me know in the comments which one(s) you like.

nursing her fawn
the doe’s ears twitch
a mouse rustles

her reflection
rippled by a water bug
shattered dreams

cotton fields in bloom
the rattle of our chains
as we cycle past

reading in bed
the stories under her pillow
swirl through her dreams

Image by Oldiefan — Pixabay