what courage mouse!
risking your whiskers for rice
hunger makes us all brave

deserted wren house
whitefoot mouse clan

field mice explore
a mountain of stored grain
blessings rain down

mice in the hayloft
nestled into next summer’s


If you like to read haiku, here’s a journal you may be interested in:

According to the publisher, The Fishing Cat Press, the objective of seashores is to share haiku from all over the world and explore how the way and the spirit of haiku, with its power to connect us to nature and our world, can play a role in poetry and our lives in general. Click here to learn more.

Forsaken & Lost

weary pup
wanders down a strange road
listening for hope

Dog abandoned.pezibear
pezibear — Pixabay

I once saw a dog run at top speed and totally exhaust itself trying to catch up to the car that dumped it on a country road. Thankfully, dogs have become valuable and dog owners have become more responsible through the years, so this scenario doesn’t happen much anymore. Hopefully the day will come when no pets will be abandoned in a hostile environment to survive however they can.


If you enjoy haiku, why not take a minute to check out
one of the online journals like The Heron’s Nest,
where you will find many fine and inspiring verses.