The Uninvited Guest

Here’s Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt

And here’s my little story in response:


“There he is, just like clockwork. I’ve no idea how he knows when I’ve made roast and mashed spuds for Sunday, but soon as I’m dishing out the meal, he’s knocking at our door.”

“We can pretend deafness,” her son Lance suggested. “He’s bound to leave if no one answers.”

“Dream on,” Sue retorted.

“She’s right. He won’t leave.” Dad chuckled. “I wouldn’t put it past him to climb in a window.”

“Mavis says he shows up every time they have barbecue,” Mom said.

Lance grinned. “Must be great to have a nose that keen.”

Sue rolled her eyes.

Complete Honesty?

The Ragtag Daily Prompt this morning: SPIN

And Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt:


“You can put a positive spin on this if you like, but you really blew it,” Benton told his friend. “Apologies and roses might help.”

Dillon, still unrepentant, protested. “She said, ‘Be completely honest.’ I thought she wanted the truth, so I said her friend’s right: that dress does look sleazy. And she blew up.”

Benton patted Dillon’s arm. “You just failed your first lesson in Understanding Women 101.”

Here’s a mini-verse to go with it…

complete honesty
how many friendships

The Law Won’t Bend

Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt this time is…

I had a bit of fun with this snatch of dialogue…

Too Saturnine

“Judges are too saturnine,” Phil lamented. “No consideration for circumstances.”

“Right! They should have more heart, go easier on poor folks. I owed big time or I would never rob a bank. My sentence should be lighter than rich guys who steal.”

“You shoulda been my lawyer!”

Image: Mohamed Hassan — Pixabay

– born under or influenced astrologically by the planet Saturn
– cold and steady in mood : slow to act or change
Synonyms: black, bleak, cold, desolate, dismal, forbidding, etc.