They squabble like humans,
these sparrows tussling over
fallen seeds under my feeder.
Silly birds! They can’t comprehend
a big bag of feed in my garage

poured out fresh daily,
Food for all, yet they threaten
and buffet each other;
little warlords disputing division,
eyes fixed on the last crust,
while fresh loaves brown in the oven.

As if there’ll never be enough,
as if each one must have it all
or starve. Or do they simply enjoy
scrapping? So much like people!


Winter Has Its Blessings

Another “character-building” winter day is dawning here in Saskatchewan. Thermometers in the city of Saskatoon are showing -29C / -20F at 7 am with a bracing wind chill equal to -37 C/ -34 F. (Actually the wind is only 8 kms per hour, but at this temp it doesn’t take much wind to give you an invigorating bite if you think of standing around outdoors.) Forecast high today is -21C / -6.

My heart goes out in sympathy to folks who normally live on the street and I’m so thankful there are organizations like the Salvation Army and various street missions that open their doors to the homeless and give them a warm meal. And I’m thankful for my own warm home. It’s a great day to build something at my sewing machine.

During the past few weeks I’ve been going through some scribblings, keying poems and what-not into my computer so I can toss out some of my space-absorbing paper collection. Here’s one silly poem I’ve saved for an especially chilly winter day.

Yes, there are some advantages to a deep freeze.

Ode to a Prairie Pest

What can the use of a grasshopper be?
Not even one purpose occurs to me!
Do you think that God in his great wise ways
has a reason for you on hot summer days?

Or are you guys here to help us know
the blessings of the soft fluffy snow
and cold that freezes those little chins
to keep you from eating the grain in our bins?

So I’ll give thanks for snow a-crunching
that deadens the sound of insects munching.
And now that I think it’s grasshopper free,
how very beautiful heaven must be!

Taking A Deep Breath

Dear Readers,

I see it’s been eight days since my last post. In the past couple of weeks I’ve devoted myself to formatting my book of poems and short stories, Silver Morning Song, for a printed version. And this has been a real learning process!

I’m happy to tell you that, after much trial and error, Silver Morning Song — in a shiny paperback edition — is now available from

Rik Hall at Wild Seas Formatting has also updated the e-book files so readers can order the latest e-version — hopefully with NO typos now — from either Amazon or Kobo. Funny how many times you can go over a book and those little typos and spelling mistakes still slip through. 😦

In addition to my own project, I’ve been doing a quick second edit on the book of a friend. This is an allegory that I expect will be in print before too long.

Here on the prairies this past week we’ve been enjoying a mild spell of weather, together with sunny days that really makes us think of spring. Some evenings and/or mornings have been foggy, so our trees have a glistening hoar-frosted appearance now.

I trust life can get back to normal again, and I’ll be more faithful at blogging for awhile. Although I’m really enthused about getting to work, editing and then publishing my next book. This adventure of publishing your own writing kind of grows on a person. 🙂

Leave a few lines in the comments and let me know how you’ve spent the month of January? For some folks in the East, I gather it’s been a month of shoveling snow.